Conor was born in St. Joseph, MO in 1969, to Irish Immigrant parents. His father, Liam O'Brien, was Conor's first musical mentor and taught him how to engage an audience at a very early age. Conor lives, writes and teaches music in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2010 he released his 2nd CD "No Ordinary Day" and in 2013 released "Almost Live" with his band Big Blue World.

Conor is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and mandolin player. Conor began singing and taking piano lessons at age 5 and sang in a number of choral groups over a 15 year period starting at age 8. At age 10 he began playing guitar. In college Conor sang tenor in the University of New Hampshire Concert Choir (UNHCC). The UNHCC was a touring 60 member chorus who performed both traditional classical repetoir as well as African American Sprituals. At UNH Conor majored in voice and psychology. He began to craft his songwriting while performing with his first professional groups during the early 90's. Conor performed throughout New England with a folk and blues duo called Allegory Stew and was the front-man of an original funk rock band called Hemlock. Conor also rounded out his active gig schedule by performing solo acoustic shows and was known to perform over 250 gigs a year. Conor's songwriting is filled with personal experience which gives a depth to his storytelling. He is an extremely engaging performer and brings a great deal of energy to his live performances.

In 2001 Conor released his first full length CD entitled "Her Eyes" after his wife's blue eyed soul. Conor has extensive experience in the recording studio and has logged approximately 2500 hours on his own musical projects as well as singing and writing background vocals for other musicians including Dave Gerard of the band Truffle. Conor's last solo release project "No Ordinary Day" with producer Keith Fitzgerald is rounded out with some outstanding musicians including both the regular members of his band. This list includes Michito Sanchez percussion, Robin McKelle  vocals, Gordon Beatle sax, Mark Paquin trombone, Pat McNeil drums, Dave Bailey bass, Ken Clark organ, Keith Foley bass and Andrea Wolstadt voice. Conor's music is original, thoughtful and will bring the listener on a journey they will not soon forget.

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