big blue world
This roots based band from Boston, MA combines 3-part harmonies layered over rock and world beat grooves and has developed a unique sound that moves smoothly from original reggae and rock to West African and Cuban music. The band includes Conor O'Brien on acoustic guitar, electric mandolin and lead vocals, Chris Chitouras on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals, and Keith Kirkpatrick on electric 4 string, acoustic and electric upright bass and vocals. 

Their original songs are filled with personal experience which they deliver with a deep emotional impact. Not only is the music inteligent and diverse, they also sing in 3 languages which gives a real authenticity to their big world vibe. Some influences include Paul Simon, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Buena Vista Social Club, Al Dimeola, Baaba Maal, Grateful Dead and Zani Diabate.
Chris Chitouras

Keith Kirkpatrick

Conor O'Brien 

Frank Laurino