Realize - Conor

Realize that the look on my face
Is because I don't really know you
I can tell from the things that
you say,
You don't understand why

I can see you've been
wondering baby,
What's my fantasy?
I can tell youve been
pondering lately, Who it is
that looks so good to me
Well it's you, you're so beautiful
You're so beautiful, oh
You're my fantasy, it's you

All these years now,
I've locked myself away
Wondering if I can find someone
to set me free

Realize that the fear in my voice
Is I'm so scared to love you
Now that I've
shown you my Ghosts
I see there's no reason why

I can see you've been wondering
baby, what's my fantasy, I can see
you've been pondering lately
Who it is that can make me see
Well its you, You're so beautiful,
You're so Beautiful, oh, You're my
fantasy, You're so beautiful (X 4),
to me, well it's you so, so beautiful,
You're my fantasy, it's you!

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