Conor O'Brien's Discography 1998 - 2022
No Ordinary Day 2010:

Is an eclectic mix of songs including influences of acoustic rock, funk, blues, and jazz. The CD has some outstanding musicians including Machito Sanchez, Dave Bailey, Ken Clark, Robin McKelle, Sax Gordon, Nate Edgar and others. Available on iTunes, at shows. CD Credits
How Long
Quite Like You
Stay With Me
Can't Be Yourself
I'm Alive
Pondering Time
No Ordinary Day
Wichita Rain
Never Go Back
Big Blue World 2016 

Conor's most recent solo release is easily his best work to date. It is rounded out with some outstanding musicians including members of the Big Blue World band, Michito Sanchez, Dave Gerard, Rob Duquette and many others. Conor's music is original, thoughtful and will bring the listener on a journey they will not soon forget.

"Big Blue World" is available on iTunes or on at shows and via snail mail. Mail a check for $15 to Conor O'Brien to 12 James St. Somerville MA 02145 
Expect 1 week for delivery.

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Her Eyes 2001:   

Conor's first full length CD "Her Eyes" named after his wife's blue eyes pictured on the cover. With 16 musicians this is a tight, well-produced group of original songs with a little bit of rock, blues and R & B mixed nicely with a smooth expressive vocal feel.

Download full length tracks from Her Eyes Below
You and I
Make it back again
Pajama Monday Blues
Hug Drug      Hug Drug Video
Spam Safari
How Long
Who are you?
Looking for my Lady
See you Tonight
If you made it this far go all the way and check out some of Conor's poetry:  
Minds Flight
Conspiring with the Wind
Standing Naked
Waimanu Valley
more to come!

Listen to a new Big Blue World cover song Motema Echopona which Conor sings in Spanish and Bambara (Mali)
Looking for Sleep 1998:  

Conor released this relaxation CD in partnership with Tom Peter's a psychologist. The purpose of the CD was to help people to get to sleep who suffer from insomnia. The format of the CD is there are 7 meditation / guided imagery tracks and the 8th track is a 45 minute instrumental piece designed to be used once you have learnt the imagery techniques.  

1) Introduction
2) 1st Technique
3) Rhythmic Breathing
4) 1st Calming Imagine
5) 2nd Calming Image
6) Moving Image
7) Muscle Relaxation
8) Music
*Note: Do not use this CD while operating heavy machinery, or while driving a car   
    Five 2015 Dave Gerard

 Conor has considered Dave Gerard his musical mentor for the past 20 years. Over that time Conor has worked on 6 of Dave's solo CD's including:
    - 2021 Angels and Cowboys 
    - 2009 Zoomy Trail
    - 2004 Dreams of Kings
    - 1999 Losing the Boy
    - 1996 Memory Hill
"Five" is extra special since it includes Bill Payne on Organ and Piano from Little Feat & Doobie Brothers acclaim! Conor wrote and sang backup vocals on most of these tracks and also plays bouzouki and Doumbek.  Dave and Conor also did a US Virgin Island tour along with Kent Raine and Dave Bailey in 2015 in support of "Five".

"Five" and the other releases above are available in select stores and

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Almost Live 2014               

The Big Blue World Trio is Conor O'Brien guitar, mandolin and vocals, Chris Chitouras on guitar, Keith Kirkpatrick on Bass and Vocals. This CD was recorded over the course of a few weeks and done in a very live way. Almost all of the tracks were recorded live with the exception of the background vocals and a couple solos. Due to that the disc really does have a very lively vibey feel to it. This was recorded with Jeff Chitouras at Under the Radar Recording, Arlington MA . This band is my favorite band I have ever played in and we are just getting better.

Currently you can only purchase these at our live shows so come on out!
Collaboration CD's Below
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Play "Chance" from Big Blue World 
A Long Walk Home 2022

Genre: Instrumental Trance / Analog Infused Electronica
All songs written and arranged by  Conor O’Brien  
Lyrics to Steampunk Cabaret by       Tate Forgey
Recording and Mixing Engineer     Conor O’Brien
Mastering Engineer Jeff Chitouras
Produced by Conor O'Brien and Jeff Chitouras
© Conor O'Brien 2022
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Agitate d’Love 2019

Big Blue World's third release was recorded live in the studio with all the musicians in a single room including lead vocals, guitars etc. 
All songs written and arranged by Big Blue World
Lyrics by Conor O’Brien except*:
Produced by Jeff Chitouras and 
Big Blue World
Executive Producer, Jeff Chitouras
Recorded at Under the Radar Recording Studio, Lexington MA
Recording and Mixing Engineer, 
Jeff Chitouras
Art direction, Frank Laurino
Cover photography, Conor O’Brien 
Music and artwork © 2019 Big Blue World (except where noted)
Lyrics © 2019 Conor O’Brien (except where noted) Big Blue World 2019

Conor's Music Video Boston (She Speaks to Me) 2020